A community space tackling food insecurity
while enhancing community engagement. 

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Our Activities in the Garden, Fieldhouse and Park



Our garden is envisioned to create community space and social cohesion through participation, education and events.  We promote food security by supporting neighbourhood organizations and charities with the food grown by our volunteers. 


Within the Riley Park Community Garden, the Shed is an outbuilding for community residents to meet, learn, teach, store and create. It represents the Greenest City Action Plan to demonstrate re-purposed materials, rainwater harvesting and collection, renewable energy and to store garden tools.


The Riley Park Fieldhouse is at the corner of 32nd and Quebec.  Little Mountain Neighbourhood House was given space in the fieldhouse by the Vancouver Parks Board in exchange for providing workshops, educational sessions and community meetings. The education plan is meant to bring community into a shared space, fostering social connections among community members. Activities within this space will support the core vision to improve food security, ecological sustainability and community engagement.




Join us to create how we will work together to build a garden and community.  

There are many ways community members can get involved in Riley Park - the Community Garden, our Fieldhouse Education Program and special events.