Mayan Three Sisters Garden Bed

On May 29, we welcomed Mayan Elder and UBC Sociologist, Lix Lopez to the garden, as he led us in planting corn and beans in the Three Sisters Bed at the Riley Park Community Garden. 

Lopez first shared the story of how corn was discovered by the Mayans (Click link for more details on this story), which was followed by a blessing of the seeds. The seeds were planted around the giant celery from last year that is currently flowering. The celery stock will be used as a natural pole for the climbing beans, and its roots for stabilization and nutrients.

We are excited to introduce a new variety of corn to the garden and look forward to seeing the progress of this bed throughout the summer. Thank you Lix for an evening in the garden, and thank you for everyone who attended this event!

We will keep you informed of upcoming planting sessions with Lix and also SAVE THE DATE for our Mayan Day in the Garden – September 21 for our  Mayan Three Sisters Lunch and Mayan Workshop. This is a partnership with the UBC Mayan Garden in Exile project and a great opportunity to learn more about the Mayan Culture and Traditions.