Accessible Beds:  We have 5 accessible beds with high walls.  Beds 1 m wide by .6 - .9 m high

Raised Beds:  We have 14.5 low ground level beds 1 m wide by .3m high are intended for annual vegetable production

The Garden Bed User Agreement is renewed annually.  All 2019 Bed Members must agree to and sign the User Agreement.  

In our garden, we share food equally. We share customs and stories around the food we grow and eat together. We promote generosity. Our priority is to support those who are food insecure in Little Mountain Riley Park. Those who come to the work parties and maintain the commons will also get produce. And we encourage making a dish for our thematic, cultural lunches with the produce from the garden. Everyone is welcome. Join in on our work parties to learn, meet your neighbours, plant, maintain the garden and share in the harvest.

As a food security project, our garden supports the food programs at Little Mountain Neighbourhood House, the residents in the Modular Housing unit (37th/Main) and we are outreaching to connect with those in our community who are not food secure. 

This year we have expanded and enhanced our communal planting beds with root veggies, leeks and onions, brassica, salsa!, three sisters, Japanese root veggies, asian, peas and zucchini.  And our favourite Garlic Growers! 

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The community has told us that they want a garden based on commons design principles guided by the eight design principles for sustainable management of Common Pool Resources, developed by Nobel laureate Elinor Ostrom.  This means that produce grown is given to the food programs serving those in need in our community; to support our food literacy activity; and then for community food celebrations.  
Everyone is welcome to participate in the garden.  It is free and open to all community members.
This garden is a project of the Little Mountain Neighbourhood House. The Riley Park Community Garden Committee will manage all aspects of the garden operation including: the planting plan, individual and group engagement, work parties and learning opportunities. 

Our Garden creates community space and social cohesion through participation, education and events. We promote food security by supporting neighbourhood organizations and charities with the food grown by our volunteers.  

This is shared gardening; there are no private plots.  This garden is being created to build connections in the community and create a peaceful place for neighbours to grow and share food together.  Everyone is welcome. No gardening experience required. We provide tools, seeds and materials.

We are offering the community a new opportunity to grow their own culturally specific food in a groundbreaking community garden.  This new model is meant to be as inclusive as possible, reflecting and celebrating the diversity of gardening cultures in our neighbourhood.  Rather than the one-person one-bed model, we are looking for a small group of gardeners who work together on each bed. We are looking for a people who want to work together on each bed and contribute to the communal management of the rest of the garden.

Get involved. Join us to create how we will work together to build a garden and community.